If you’re a keen gardener you may already be aware of the massive amount of damage garden pests can do to your garden and even your home. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of the issue by recognizing the 5 most destructive garden pests and having the best pest control company possible on standby.

In some cases, a deterrent can be enough to keep the pests away, in other situations you may need to get the exterminators to help you solve the issue permanently.

  1. Birds

Birds are not often thought of as pests but they are a nuisance They’ll eat the berries and flowers of anything you grow.

They’ll also eat the seeds of plants before they have a chance to grow. To make matters worse, birds are also fond of worms that they can find in your soil. While you may not worry about the worms you should. Worms are excellent at turning over soli and boosting the nutrient levels, helping to keep your plants healthy. You don’t want the birds taking them.

  • Caterpillars

They may not have a negative effect on your health but your plants will certainly know when caterpillars are present. They feed on leaves, helping them to grow large enough to transform into butterflies or moths.

The problem is caterpillars are generally very hungry, it only takes a few of them to destroy your plants. You’re going to need to take care of the caterpillars first.

  • Beetles

There are many different beetles that can cause damage to your garden. It’s best to get professional help with identifying and handling the beetles. This will ensure you’re using the best possible treatment approach and the beetles are eliminated.

One of the biggest issues can be the flea beetle. It looks like a tiny beetle but jumps like a flea. These beetles target the roots of plants, effectively destroying healthy plants in little time, you won’t be able to save the plant after the beetle has finished.

  • Slugs & Snails

You’re probably aware of the delightful slime trail that slugs and snails leave behind as they slowly move between places. They are capable of eating several plants every night and they can even find their way into your home.

Slugs and snails are also known to carry lungworm, which is particularly dangerous for your pets.

  • Aphids

Aphids look like tiny pears with extremely long antennae. They literally suck fluid from almost any type of plant, although their preference is fruits, vegetables, and plants in the shade.

Once they’re done with a plant it will look decayed and diseased. In short, it will be dying.

Aphids also excrete honeydew which encourages the growth of mildew. When this appears in your plants you’re likely to see an array of viral diseases that can cause serious issues for your plants.

There are many other destructive garden pests, such as moles. The important thing is to be aware of what issues you are likely to face locally and have the number of your pest control experts handy.

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