When you’re moving home for the first time you’re going to need
some tools to make your life easier. Tools that you can help you set and fix everything just the way you wanted. The following are some of those tools. It’s not a complete list but it should be enough on many of the task you’ll meet.


You can opt for corded or cordless drill but personally I prefer cordless. The freedom from tangling cord is priceless when you’re working on difficult places. If you also opt for a cordless drill go buy one with a warranty that also covers the battery. Batteries are expensive to replace it’s better to get that one thing covered.

Aluminum Ladder

This is a must-have for reaching high places. When you buy one take notice on the work load capacity. You need to take your body weight into account including the weight of the tools that you might take with you. For most people a 300-pound work load capacity would be enough.


Definitely get one of those LED flashlights. They’re brighter, last longer and very durable. I’ve dropped my LED flashlight on the floor and into the pond it is still going strong until this very day. For home use I’d say a 160 lumen flashlight will do. I was temped to buy a 240 lumen flashlight once but I realized that the light is just too much (unless you plan to take it camping somewhere far in the wilderness).

Stud, Metal and Wire Finders

For most people finding the right place to hang things on the wall is more like trial and error. However when the “error” does happen things can get really bad. For example drilling a hot pipe or an AC wire could be very dangerous. That is why every homeowner should have a stud/metal/wire scanner. This gadget allows you to find where the studs are and where the center is so you can safely whack a nail on it. It can also show you where the pipes are coming or going when you got plumbing problems.

Prybar And Nail Puller

You can buy these separately but I prefer a 2-in-1 model to safe space. A prybar is very useful for scraping, remove moldings, wood trim, etc. A nail puller is also an indispensable tool because no homeowners are free from the annoying task of removing nails stuck into the wrong places.

Adjustable Wrench

You may want to get two adjustable wrenches. One 8-inch and one 10-inch wrench will suffice for most, if not all, occasion. If possible get a wrench with a non-slip and rounded grip so that when you apply pressure on it your hand won’t slip nor that you will hurt your hand.


Come on, of course every house must have at least one screwdriver in it. You should get an all-in-one screwdriver with multiple tips so you don’t need to buy too many screwdrivers. The grip is an important factor too. Rubber grip is a must. It’s comfortable and also easier for you to give more torque on it. A rubber grip can also protect you from electric shock like when you’re using it on an electrical appliances.

For extra budget must have tools:

Angle Grinder

This tool is also a must-have one. This tool has a lot of purposes and can make your life easier in cutting metals, tile, wood, or cement board. With a grinder around, you can rest assured that your life will be a much easier one.

Welding Machine

With all of our materials in our house is made of steel, we can assure you that a welding machine is a good investment. Having a welding machine at home can help you create more sturdy furniture made of steel. When we talk about welding a protective gear is also needed, and the most important one is a helmet. Check out the latest helmet here: https://www.weldingsuperstore.com.au/welding-helmets/

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