We all want to keep our homes looking beautiful. One of the best ways to bring beauty and some color to the home is with plants.

Unfortunately, many people are afraid to grow plants indoors because they think they are hard to keep. Well, there are many low-maintenance plants you can have indoors that will make your home look amazing. Here are some suggestions;

1. Lavender

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A plant you will love to bring into your home is Lavender. It not only looks good but will also make your house smell amazing.

Lavender is easy to keep alive in a sunny spot of your home, and it only needs watering about once or twice a week.  Place it on a windowpane or at the door to keep out mosquitoes.

2. Spider plant

Hanging plants look great and can fit anywhere. Spider plants make excellent hanging plants in a place with a lot of light. They grow fast and will give you a lot of baby plants.

You can re-pot the babies and have spider plants in different parts of your home or give them out to friends.

3. Pothos

Another great plant to hang in your home is Pothos. It’s a trailing plant that can keep growing forever.

You only need to water Pothos once in a while and make sure it dries out in between. Pothos is excellent for places with little natural light, such as next to windows with architectural window tinting.

Grow it next to wall light fixtures as it can grow in artificial light as well.

Plant Pothos on a trellis in your home, hang on your wall, or let it trail over window frames and furniture like bookshelves.

4. Succulents

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If there are plants that are meant for people with a black thumb, it is succulents.

There are many varieties of succulents, and they are easy to keep alive because all they need is very little water and a spot in the sun.

You can create a succulent color spectrum by planting various types in a container and placing it in particular home areas, such as in the middle of your coffee table.

Alternatively, create succulent plant wall art by making a wreath or stick them in some recycled corks for an eye-catching display of cute recycled planters.

5. Air plants

Air plants are easy to keep indoors; use them to make a terrarium.

Terrariums are glass containers in which you can make a miniature garden using small plants.

You can also display air plants stylishly in fridge magnets, on frames on your walls, or in ceramic holders.

Air plants get their moisture from the air, but you need to soak them in water once in a while.  Place them in an area that gets some light, such as a window or an artificial light source.

6. Aloe vera

If you love everything to do with home beauty remedies, why not plant aloe vera in your home?

Aloe plants are easy to keep alive, and they look good too.

You can use the sap from aloe vera plants to heal cuts and burns and moisturize your skin. You can also use aloe vera extract as a mouthwash as it’s great for killing bacteria and keeping your gums healthy and if you want to improve your digestive health, put some aloe vera extract in a smoothie.

Aloe plants don’t require a lot of watering, just place them in a bright spot and watch them grow.

7. Herbs

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If you think growing plants is a waste of time, try herbs. They smell good and can be used for cooking, which gives you a reason to keep them alive.

Some great low – maintenance herbs you can plant in your home include ;

  • Mint: Mint smells terrific and is useful for making tea. It grows well in places that get light throughout the day. Just keep the soil moist, and it will thrive.
  • Bay: Grow your bay tree in an open, sunny spot, and you’ll have bay leaves to make soup whenever you need them. To ensure it grows healthy, mist the leaves once in a while.
  • Chives: Grow chives in a place with bright light, and you never need to buy  from the grocery store again. Grow in pots and place next to your kitchen window. Only water chives when the soil feels dry.
  • Rosemary: Rosemary plants are excellent air fresheners, and they are fantastic in chicken dishes too. Plant your rosemary in a spot with a lot of natural light and water sparingly.

8. Bamboo plant

If you’re looking for plants, you can grow without soil, try bamboo plants. Find a beautiful container, fill it with water and some pebbles, and let your bamboo grow there.

Bamboo makes great centerpieces and can also grow well in an atrium.

An atrium brings light into the home and growing some low maintenance plants under it like bamboo is an exciting way to bring nature into your home.

9. Snake plant

Don’t let the name deter you. If you’re looking for a plant with a dramatic look that is easy to maintain, try a snake plant.

Snake plants have textured green leaves that grow vertically from the plant, and they can grow up to a meter tall.

Snake plants are excellent air cleaners and make a beautiful focal point. You only need to water them once a week.

Buy some low maintenance plants

These are nine houseplants you can grow easily without a green thumb. Apart from making your home beautiful to look at, they also freshen the air. And as you can see,  some are even functional, like herbs.

Go out and buy some today and bring some greenery into your home.

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