Anyone who has an allergy to wasps, hornets, and other yellow jackets will know that these are dangerous creatures. They’ll naturally stay clear.

But, even those not allergic can be at risk. A yellow jacket has a smooth stinger, as opposed to the barbed one of a bee. This means the yellow jacket can sting you repeatedly which can lead to physical pain and, in some rare cases, rhabdomyolysis, which can actually kill you. That’s why it’s critical you be aware of yellow jackets and take preventative measures to protect yourself and your family.

Get The Experts

If you discover a nest in your yard or even suspect there is one, you need to contact your local pest control specialist and have them remove it for you. Trying to remove a nest or eliminate it yourself is not recommended.

You can and should find out more about local yellow jacket specialists.

Avoid Sweet Smelling Lotions

Body creams, moisturizers, even the right perfume or aftershave, can all attract the attention of yellow jackets. The scent is flower based and therefore confuses the yellow jacket as it looks for pollen.

Avoiding these scents, especially in the main summer months, will help to reduce the likelihood of the wasps being attracted to you.

Skip Bright Clothes

As summer breezes in it’s tempting to put on your brightest clothes, they’ll help you feel the part and can even improve your mental attitude.

Unfortunately, bright colors can also be mistaken for flowers, potentially attracting yellow jackets. Floral patterns have a similar effect.

You don’t need to dress in black but it is worth considering how bright your clothes are, especially if you’re heading outside.

Don’t Swat

When a yellow jacket comes near you it’s natural to attempt to swat it away. However, the action can antagonize the wasp, making it feel threatened. This will make it more likely to attack.

In addition, if you manage to swat it, the yellow jacket will release a pheromone, this tells other yellow jackets in the area that it’s under attack. They will come to its rescue, potentially providing you with a multitude of additional stings.

Don’t forget, if you’ve inadvertently stumbled across their nest, it is best to back away slowly until you’re outside their area. Simply turning and running is likely to get them chasing you, which could be much worse.

Eliminate Food

Yellow jackets are attracted to sweet, sugary, items. This is especially true in the fall. To reduce the likelihood of an encounter you need to minimize the presence of sugary snacks, such as ice cream and even fruit.

Pay particular attention to your garbage, it should be in a sealed container at all ties, this will decrease the interest to wasps and other insects. You can also minimize the likelihood of an encounter by inspecting the outside of your home and eliminating potential nesting points. Your local pest control expert will be a great help in identifying these and the best way to resolve the issues.

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