Certainly, there are lots of things to consider for a renovation project. Things like your budget, the building materials to be taken into account and the likes. In a shower room environment, frameless shower screens are the “in thing”. And despite the fact that there are several selections for this, you need to think about looking at some significant element that can make your task effectiveness.


There are a couple of choices for the thickness of the glass used as shower screens. The smallest thought of safe, thickness is 6 mm. But if you would like to use your glass panels as divider panel as you would certainly on your shower screen, the thicker 8mm or 10mm will definitely be the best ideal. Indeed, the 6 mm will as harmless as its thicker mates but the thinner ones often tend to wobble in longer panels. For that, you have to prepare in advance and choose the appropriate density for your application. Your distributor understands this and you can ask about the right thickness for your demand.

Simple clean surface area

Modern-day technology can produce your investment perhaps even more efficient. There certainly are coverings accessible that covers the surface area of your glass panels. Although formerly untended to carry savings on outdoor, high-story building window panels, it will not indicate it cannot really work with your bathroom. Likewise understood as self-cleaning surface, it works in tandem with nature. The UV light, rain and wind all work altogether so that dust won’t stick to your glass panels. And with your shower room, it will just simply want a wipe to do the trick. This method water streaks and forms will not be your concern anymore.

Wall installing

This is particularly essential for frameless glass panels. It will only require a few mounting elements on the floor and wall, the stability of the install and walls it will definitely be mounted on must be taken into concern. Concrete often becomes brittle over time, so it is thought that the screws are deep enough to hold the weight of the glass even for a very long time. Also, the materials used for the mounts have equal significance. Always remember, these are the ones that will certainly receive continuous tension.

Safety and security requirement

Authorities necessitate that glasses used for the purpose of wall should be tempered. This will certainly ensure that in case glass panels will damage the leading debris will not incur even more harm to the occupants. Tempered are stronger than regular ones. But then it has its own set of limitations also. When subjected to stress further than its capability, it will definitely crack. If this sort of accident should take place, tempered panels will simply disintegrate into tiny, harmless pieces, which in turn is a crucial feature if you are applying glass for your home.

So plan ahead, scale your requirement. Better yet, choose a professional that can do the job for you if you are not sure pertaining to what you are doing much more than just additional expenses, a specialist will ensure that your investment on will certainly keep and have longer life span.

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