Electronic home appliances have brought ease and convenience to our lives. From washing machines and microwaves to water heaters and coffee makers, most household chores are taken care of with a click of a button.

But, there are days when the washing machine breaks in between a cycle or the freezer doesn’t cool for you to get ice for that house party! Isn’t it relatable? Your answer is likely yes. Almost all of us have been rendered helpless on days when an appliance at home suddenly stopped functioning. Not to mention the costly repairs or replacement that come with it.

While appliance insurance can help save on repairs, caring for these electronic devices help extend their lifespan. Let’s look at care and maintenance tips for different home appliances to help you enhance their lifespan and save money.

Refrigerator and Freezer

With these cooling and storage appliances, you don’t have to worry about everyday trips to the grocery store or cooking meals in between hectic schedules. To prevent unnecessary repairs and keep them going, here are some care tips:

  • It is imperative to clean your refrigerator on a regular basis, from the storage racks to the door magnets.
  • Clean your refrigerator and freezer coils as they can get clogged with debris. This can result in improper cooling, and eventually failure of the system. The location of the coil varies by model, so check the manual to find it.
  • Change the water filter of your refrigerator once in a while to remove impurities.
  • Overloading is the biggest cause of failure. Keep your refrigerator organized and do not load it with too many items.

Washing Machine and Dryer

It is no secret that an extreme amount of stress causes a breakdown. Most of us will agree that this is usually the case whenever a washing machine or dryer breaks down.

You might overload the machine on certain days to save time, but you’re actually putting pressure on the motors and other parts. Gradually, this results in failure beyond repair. Respect the capacity of your machine and avoid washing huge rugs and mats in it.

Apart from this, clean the lint trap manually every time. Also, check the hoses for weak points or leaks, Replace them every few years. Get servicing done on a yearly basis to maintain its health.

Oven and Microwave

Does your oven take longer to cook? Probably, the door seal is not tight enough. Keep a check on your oven’s door seal to ensure it is intact and working properly. Otherwise, it will result in loss of heat, leading to more pressure on the oven.

Ensure you do not put materials or flammable foods or beverages that your oven manual strictly forbids. Make sure you clean your oven on a regular basis to increase its lifespan. To do this, wipe down the stains or grime with a solution of white vinegar and water. 


Does your new dishwasher give you troubles? Apart from getting an appliance insurance, you need to maintain it well. If it is not getting the dishes cleaned properly, the food filter might be clogged. Check the manual to locate the filter and remove it. Clean and vacuum it thoroughly.

Racks can also accumulate rust, which ruins your silverware. Get a tine repair kit and follow the instructions on it to fix the rusty rack tines. If needed, call for servicing on a regular basis to keep the dishwasher in perfect condition.

Air Conditioner

We’ve all suffered from AC failures at the time when we most needed it! Isn’t it? And, sometimes back to back. Typically, when your air conditioner is not cooling properly, the problem is clogged filters. It restricts the free flow of air, letting out unhealthy air, consuming more energy and reducing the appliance’s lifespan.

Clean the filters every few weeks, i.e., three to four weeks. Call the maintenance guys if required to get it serviced every few months, so you don’t end up in a fix when the sun is shining bright. Consider a total home protection plan to save you from costly repairs.


Hope these tips are helpful. Sometimes even when you ensure proper maintenance, appliances might break down or need repairs. Everything Breaks offers a range of protection plans to save you from costly repairs and replacements.

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