Every property owner knows the importance of curb appeal. An appealing curb will potentially increase the value and beauty of the residence. That means more tenants and visitors will be compelled to visit the house with a lavish looking curb.

It’s the fact that trees are the jewels of nature. They enhance the beauty of any landscape. They can make incredibly dull looking places into the main attraction. Not only they embellish their surroundings, but they also absorb the heat and give a more refreshing environment. This means having trees on your property will drastically reduce the energy bills and maintenance costs.

The weather is cooler in Arcadia CA, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t decrease energy costs because you must be thinking they just make the environment cool, right? It is correct to some extent, but they also purify the air and act as a barrier to cold winds to affect your residence directly. 

It’s not an easy task when it comes to planting and maintaining a tree, which is why we recommend you to hire the best tree service company in Arcadia CA. The benefits are monumental! Do you want to give your curb an extra oomph? Planting a tree won’t be enough; its maintenance is the key! A well-maintained tree will project your royalty onto the onlookers and visitors.

Here are a few ways that a tree service company would help to increase the curb appeal of your residence:

Tree Planting

Planting a tree is more elusive than you think. It requires the understanding of the soil and climate to determine which tree species will be able to thrive on your lawn. A lot of inspection goes into planting a tree. So, a tree service provider will be able to save your time and show you the available varieties that can be planted on your curb.

You don’t want to go around spending on planting the wrong tree just because you think it will look beautiful or you saw it in some movie. You might end up planting a tree that has a spread area greater than the space you have dedicated to it. It can grow and damage the house because its growth spread is wider. You would be better off leaving these things to the specialists.

Neat Landscape

Overgrown trees on a posh looking residence can kill the vibes. Especially if there are weeds and random shrubs are growing all over the place. You wanted to go green, but cleaning out the extra bush and dark barks of the trees will have a great impact on the look of your curb. 

As trees are a habitat for birds, rodents, and insects, you may have another problem altogether on your hands. Professional tree services will save you the rodent and insect infestations that cause issues in your house. Having a rodent problem is one you would want to avoid. Frequent tree service will make sure the rodents and insects stay at bay.

They will have the right insecticides for repelling and eradicating them. The wrong chemical can harm the tree and cause more problems. Experience and knowledge go a long way compared to your google search.

Reduce Chance Of Injuries

A safe place has more appeal than a dangerous and hazardous one! Your tree might be looking all good on the surface, but internally it may be rotting away without you even noticing it. The branches that you think are mesmerizing could be cross-rubbing and causing damage to the tree.

A skilled arborist will be able to quickly identify the health conditions of the tree by taking a good look at it. Overgrown and old trees can cause major damage to property and life. The tree might be barely standing and may fall during a mild storm. The withering stems can fall on someone standing under it or your car.

The professional services will be able to remove the limbs that are in a delicate condition. They will ensure the tree is safe for itself and its surroundings. They will also take care of any damaged parts and saw down a tree that is beyond healing. As trees can recover from about 30% of damage, but beyond that, they will gradually wither and die. So, it’s better to call the professionals to get a checkup of your tree to keep it standing strong!

Tree Pruning

Anyone that planted a tree knows how important pruning is. Tree pruning is essential to the healthy growth of the tree. It also shapes your tree to give you the best shade. It is highly beneficial for fruit-bearing trees as it promotes healthy fruit production and minimizes the wasted fruits.

The amount of pruning needed to be done depends on the type of tree you have. It could be done seasonally or periodically. Large trees should be pruned after a few years to maintain their shape and shade. But the fruit trees are needed to be pruned more often.

It is better to go online and search for “tree service company near me,” to contact their services and get an expert inspection and advice on your tree pruning schedule. As each tree species has its pruning schedule, pruning them according to their schedule will make them look lush and well-maintained, greatly enhancing the curb appeal of your landscape.

All these things will increase the curb appeal of your property and likewise increase the value too! According to research, planting a tree on your front yard can increase the value of the property up to 6-10%. It is the best investment you can make that will benefit the environment and your property!

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