Our Bedroom is a place where we feel untroubled, relaxed, informal and carefree! It is the place where we have to take some rest and have our mind in peace. If our bedroom isn’t soundproof and lightproof we are incapable to have proper rest. Some apartments for rent in NYC.

Here are some ways to soundproof & lightproof our room!

Make the room sealed as possible.

Sound penetrates like air through cracks and smaller holes. Think about how you can hear the sound of a door just a few inches open. When the door is closed, the sound is much quieter. Any small, often invisible path through a typical wall or floor leads to a larger space than along a cracked door. The main author is an electric locker. Remove the terminals, switches, and accessories from the housing (turn off first) and seal the housing opening with an acoustic silicone gasket. It also closes the gap between the box and the drywall. Add a seal to the door and the rod. You can also remove the skirting board to close the space between drywall and floor. It is strongly recommended to try this approach before ripping the walls. It is economical and efficient. And if he did not get the results he needed, he wasted no time or money.

Is sound insulation really necessary?

As you can see, the soundproofing of a room is a huge job that requires time, money and skills that most of us do not have.

For this reason, most home studies ignore them completely or do their best with limited resources. And it’s good …

Outside noise can sometimes be boring, but it’s usually periodic, so you can find peace during the day and work without worrying about soundproofing.

Like your computer, the internal noise is constant … It is much more difficult to find an appropriate alternative.

Making the room soundproof

1. Sound source:

Is the specific noise you want to hide, such as a TV, musical instrument or traffic jam? This sound is usually included at a specific point. The first step in masking the sound is to identify the sound source.

2. Entrance:

The entrance is the area where the sound of the room enters the room. Again, it can be the exact point adjacent to the sound source, or it can be an entire existing wall, such as an apartment, apartment or duplex shared wall.

External windows are also common access points for unwanted noise.

3. Reflection point:

When the sound enters the space, it reflects at the same input angle. In the example below, you apply sound insulation technology to the headboard wall and the footboard edge wall.

Cheapest of the Cheapest way to soundproof your bedroom

1. Use curtains:

The curtains serve not only as an optical barrier for a curious neighbor but also offer double acoustic insulation.

Thick, hanging curtains absorb unwanted noise and unnecessary traffic noise.

Inside, the same curtains absorb the ambient noise floating in the space.

2. Add carpets:

To hide the noise of the lower neighbors in a housing situation, it is necessary to equip your main living rooms with thick carpets.

Putting foam pads under the carpets or rugs will help better in reducing the sound, the foam pad acts as acoustic reduction.

3. Hanging  Acoustic foam panels:

Depending on size and quality, hanging acoustic panels can be very expensive, but it is certainly one of the best ways to soundproof a room. Acoustic panels are perfect for absorbing unwanted noise. You can hang them as illustrations or accents in your room or apartment.

These panels are usually quite bright and available in a variety of colors to match your decor. Cheap acoustic panels such as these foam panels are easy to install and absorb unwanted noise.

Lightproofing your room

Using opaque curtains:

Opaque curtain with lining. Opaque curtains are usually made of thicker fabric and have a slightly blocking inlay. In addition, they can help you insulate your home and reduce your electricity bill. You can also look for thermal curtains. This curtain is heavy, double and has the same purpose. You can buy it from any department that sells stuff related to the house.

Check the seals of your window:

Check the seal around the windows. At the hardware store, you can buy insulating foam that can be used to fill large rooms and reduce sound and light. You can spray that insulating foam in the gaps which will help to prevent the light to come inside the room

Blocking the bottom of the door:

Please lock the bottom of the door. Wrap a blanket or towel and place it on the bottom of the door to prevent light from entering the crevices.

Or else you can buy a door draft to prevent light, sound, and dust to come inside the room

Unplugging electronic devices:

Remove unused electronic devices. Many devices have LEDs that indicate that they are connected, charged, or on. These produce an amazing amount of light in your room. If you do not want to turn off the light, unplug the power cord.

  • As an added bonus, you can save up to 20% on unused electronics in one year, saving you money on electricity!
  • Using a power strip, you can easily disconnect all electronics from the power area. Connect all electronic components to the belt and turn off the switch when you are ready to take a break.

Additional Step:

  1. The cheapest way to prevent light to come in is that we all usually have foil paper in our houses all you need is tape and foil.

      2. Attach foil paper with tape on the inside/outside of the window!

3. Buy a sleeping mask! It is the easiest way to sleep in peace without reaching the light in your eyes.

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