Many birds in our surroundings are vibrant and beautiful to look at. But there are some birds referred to as “Pest Birds” who have destructive tendencies and can quickly go from being pleasant to the exact opposite. The article tries to answer common questions related to pest birds.

What are some common pest birds?

Pigeons, House sparrows, and European starlings are some common pest birds. Not only they are highly adaptable, but they can actually thrive in cities. This is because if we see it from a bird’s perspective, city living can’t be beaten. Food and water are readily available and there’s plenty of free housing too. 

What are some ways to Control Pest birds in your area?

  1. Use professional services. This the easiest, safest, and often the most recommended option. Use professional experts like Fox pest control services.
  2. Don’t feed pest birds.
  3. Keep your areas clean and always keep your trash cans closed since pest birds often hover around these things in search of food.
  4. Trim the trees in your area so that the birds can’t nest or brood.
  5. Eliminate nesting or brooding sites. If you spot any birds making a nest, remove the nest immediately. You might have to do it a few times until they get the hint!
  6. Trap them. After you trap a few of these pest birds, humanely exterminate them rather than release them, as these birds are notorious for finding their way back from even 50 miles away. (Please check your local ordinance before using this method)
  7. Take extra care in feeding your desirable birds. Don’t toss the seeds on the ground, instead put them in the birdfeeder. But, if pest birds are a big problem in your area, it is common advice to stop feeding them for the time being.
  8. Use Bird nets. Attach plastic or nylon nets to the bottom of rafters so that birds can’t use the area for nesting.
  9. Use Bird spikes on places potential for bird roosting or settling.
  10. Use non-sticky and non-toxic repellents on ledges or areas to discourage bird landing. 

Why is Bird Control Important?

Bird control is important because pest birds may not seem dangerous at first glance, but as their population size increases, they become more hazardous to humans. Here are some risks large populations of bird can bring to your area:

1. Diseases and Health risks.

Birds often carry tiny blood-sucking insects and bird mites that are almost invisible to the naked eye. If the bird population in your area increases, there is a high likelihood that the insects and mites might feast on you. This can then lead to infections, rashes, and intense itching.

These birds also carry bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Cryptococcus in their droppings. These bacteria can easily lead to food-borne illnesses, some of which can be fatal.

2. Property damage and huge clean-up costs. 

Not only do the areas get dirty because of feathers, droppings, and nesting materials, but their droppings contain acidic properties that can strip a car’s paint. In fact, some companies spend millions of dollars cleaning these birds’ messes.

If you can’t keep the bird population in your area under control despite all these methods, it is advised that you should try using professional services.

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