We all must have heard the famous quote saying, “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words” yeah? It is the truth, a picture can convey meaning in an efficient way and easier than writing content just to convey that one message which the Picture conveys as well. It refers to the notion that a picture can deliver a complex meaning in a very simplified way, there are no jargons, nothing.

The same Is the case with Real Estate Photography, if you are unable to convey a message in a simple yet beautiful picture then you are in trouble but if you can then you can do wonders in your Real Estate Business, do mind that Photography for the Real Estate shall not and never should be taken lightly, I hope you do know that already.

If getting any ideas for the Real Estate Photography brings you here then that’s very well because together we will explore some real estate photography tips that may improve your photographs of your property.

Without further ado, I won’t keep you waiting, we shall get started.

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Go through the house

If you can and are allowed to, you should observe every aspect of the home by going through the house and bringing your creativity in your mind to the live version of the home, learn which areas would look better in which light and also at what times.

Going through the house before the photoshoot gives you an overall sense/idea of what needs to be done in order to fulfill your customers requirement and getting them satisfied, after all the same photos would be needing to be listed as well, so you cant risk all of that. It’s not precautionary but it has a good side of being mentally prepared before the photoshoot, giving you an idea what needs to be done.

Use a Tripod

Professional Real Estate Photographers and many others have strongly suggested of using a Tripod. It has a very good reason of doing so, not that without you’d land in trouble but there is a chance that might compromise your Photography quality or the way you wanted it to be. A Tripod is very good to handle low light areas, if you don’t have a Tripod, a decent camera with a Flash would a decent job but using a Tripod is still much and much better.

Edit your Photographs

Editing is the most vital element of your Post Photoshoot activities. Photographers don’t deliver the images that they took for whatever they were hired to do before editing because much of the details are covered in the Editing Phase of completing your Task. In the case of Real Estate Photography, It is recommended by Experts that you edit your Photos from Day to Dusk Lighting.

If you have seen photos of the house are listed, they are usually edited in the Dusk timing or lighting because It has a catch to it and while you edit, you’d see it yourself how much big of a difference it brings out of a house that you captured. You won’t believe that you captured this magnificent photo just because you edited the right way, the way that needed to be done to bring out the necessary details and touches in the photographs making it look more elegant.

Emphasize the Best Feature in the Area/Room

I know this is a pretty obvious one, but most of the times we forget this simple and yet very efficient way of portraying a place or an area. Look around you and see what makes this area special and then rearrange the furniture accordingly, to bring out that element which makes it special in the Photographs. Every area/room has its significance and in the Photographs you’d be needing that.

Working the with the Angles

The most powerful tools that you have while performing a Photo shoot is your mind, your feet and your camera. Moving a bit either way or any direction to get a decent/elegant angle can do wonders to your photos. Experts have suggested in finding those angels with your mind and then applying it to bring them to life.

Use Drones (Optional)

Drones aren’t necessary to use but they do provide a very good perspective to the house especially if the house is a big one. If you don’t have a drone, no worries, it’s not necessary but a good option.

real estate photography tips - movhaven.com

Invest in Lenses

Most of the Real Estate Photographers used a FishEye Lens which isn’t bad at all, not that it’s not good or that something is bad about it but the Experts of the Real Estate Photographers have recommended in investing/using a Wider Angle Lens which makes the focus always spot on and sharp, something that you always may need in the Real Estate Photography.

Practicing to Perfect Proper Angles

This tip/idea is for those that are new to the Real Estate Photography. Every room needs to be shot with every possible angle to bring out the best in them and that is the Practicing element, it needs to be practiced to perfect the shot. You can later delete the bad photos but you can post a photo that has never been captured and that is why you need to take photos with every possible angle and then selecting the ones that really depict the essential part of the area/room.

Post the Best Photos

You know this, everyone knows this, I know this that the best photos of the house or the Real Estate needs to be posted but some post a huge stack of pictures which doesn’t catch the buyers interest by going through your huge stack of Photos.

Post best pictures of the areas/rooms that you have, you can post two if the area is large but the key is posting the best ones.


Home owners decorating their own home their way is good, it’s their choice but often the decorations is done in such a manner that the space doesn’t feel large even if it is and in the Photography perspective, the area isn’t captured well either.

So, with the permission of the home owners, you can or maybe should move some furniture to bring out the true meaning of the area in your Photographers which might be appealing to the masses that might be going through your photos of the Real Estate in the listing.

Real Estate Photography can be a hectic job to execute but it can be a fun job if you have the know how, with the tips above, we have tried to accumulate all the necessary ideas or tips that would land you some great photos of the great house that you are photo shooting. We hope that you take some magnificent photos and get a lot of praise. Thank you 🙂

Real Estate Photography Blogs and Resources

Everyone wants their places to be shown beautifully and cleanly if they want to land a good impression on the Potential Buyers and we know that we can’t take good pictures considering we don’t have enough knowledge about the Professional Cameras and all the technicalities that come with Photography, so what we do instead is that we tend for a simple and shorter solution of hiring a real estate photographer.

Someone that has enough expertise on his hand that can make the apartment or the area look beautifully with great angles, something that lands beautifully on the eyes. For this very purpose, we have accumulated some of the best blogs and resources that are related to real estate photography so whenever you are surfing for some real estate photography tips, these blogs and resources might help you out.

Let us get started and we shall be briefly discussing each that gets mentioned

1. Robin Gatti Real Estate Photography

Robin Gatti has been getting praise for his work when followed on their social media account to check for the reviews that the users has posted and it shows that this Real Estate Photography Agency has wide experience in their area, it won’t be bad to consider them if the budget or the means allow you to.

2. Real Estate Photography – a Guide to Getting Started by Digital Photography School

At this post what you will find is the know-how of the Real Estate Photographer, if you feel that you might have a thing for Real Estate Photography but don’t know how to get started then a blog post or a website like that one might be a good start to get started. It offers insight on the basic elements of Real Estate Photography like the camera, lenses etc.

3. DRP Studios

DRP studios again is one of the finest photographers available that offers to shoot your home as fine as possible, giving great service. It’s good to hire some professionals shoot your home or your place to get reasonable offers. DRP studios surely are one of the good ones out there.

4. https://www.udemy.com/mastering-architecture-and-real-estate-photography/

You might be wondering what Udemy has got to do with this content, well there is much that it does. Firstly, it’s for those that need to get the know how’s of the Real Estate Photography and for those that don’t know anything about it. We all know Udemy is a great platform to learn something and so if you want to learn about Real Estate Photography this might be a good place to learn some things about it

5. Real Estate Photography Secrets: A Beginner’s Guide by Improve Photography

This post is a beginners guide of getting into it the Real Estate Photography, for sure before we get into something we need to have sufficient or complete knowledge about it and so this website again is a helping blog where you can get to know sufficient things about the Real Estate Photography.

6. Home Snappers

Home snappers offer a great service of shooting your place very beautifully and in an exquisite manner, something that you’d want your place to be seen. It’s as if they combine their expertise and their creativity together to give you the most amazing sense of your place through pictures or videos.

7. Carolina House Pix

Carolinehousepix offer services like Real Estate Photography, Aerial Drone Photography and much more for people that are looking to acquire their service if they want to shoot their homes by a Professional Photographer(s). They have a great service and they have good reviews about the services they have rendered.

8. 5 Real Estate Photography Lighting Techniques To Help Capture Any Property, Beautifully

This article from the guys at SmartPhotoEditors will surely add some life to your property photographs. Especially on their tips on how to play with the lights.

9. Living Proof Real Estate Photos Photography

Livingproofrephotos is based in Palm Beach County and if you are living anywhere near and want to shoot your place for a good listing then you might have to consider them for a good shoot. Not a bad idea.

10. https://photographyforrealestate.net/

This place is like a Reddit for the Real Estate Photographers sharing what they have learnt and the areas that people can seek to improve by going on here. People all around the world share their stories and their experiences, a great place for Photographers to learn something new that might be useful for any future projects.

11. Fix The Photo’s How to get into Real Estate Photography

This website again shows you how to get started and just like almost every other website it gives the insight of the how-to. If you have no idea and are inclined to getting into the Real Estate Photography then this website or blog post may prove to be useful for you.

12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P1pZvkpxp0

It has been proven that we learn easily from visuals than by reading, so the above is a YouTube video of almost 16 minutes that guides you into the Real Estate Photography. It’s a tutorial that we all need for the Real Estate Photographers that have just started.

13. https://www.reddit.com/r/RealEstatePhotography/

We all know Reddit is a great place to interact and share experiences of all our users from all around the world and so the Real Estate Photographers have joined this Reddit place where all the people all around the world share their insights and experiences, again a very useful place to go to.

14. Snappr

Snappr provides great service to those seeking Real Estate Photographers for their places to be shot with great angles. A good choice to have by your side. Their ratings are massively good as well.

15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhtN9vT1-0Y

The last link for this content again is a YouTube video link because of the reason stated in another YouTube video above. It’s almost 40 minutes video clip where it’s a guide to Real Estate Photography. The above were some of the best or top blogs there are about the Real Estate Photography. We made a mixture of Guides and of Real Estate Business content where you can have all the available content that you may need. I hope this helps you.


  1. Real estate photo shooting requires sufficient experience since its size demands extra attention to the numerous details. However, the most significant part is the post-production as the outdoor situation includes many unwanted elements. In addition, it requires certain effects if not present in the actual life like greenery attachments, live people add/remove, interior photo enhancement, and so on. By the way, professional real estate photo editing companies are helpful in generating mesmerizingly beautiful and perfect real estate photos for better customer engagement ratio.

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