Installing high-quality patio doors may completely alter the aesthetics and functionality of any room in the house. The patio door is now an advantage not just in the summer, but all year round, thanks to modern designs that use the greatest thermal technology, excellent materials, and a variety of combinations. But how can you select the best patio doors from the wide variety of external door designs available?

Let’s start with a survey of the many varieties of patio door now on the market.

Patio Doors That Fold

External folding doors are a premium product that are highly regarded as a top-tier insulated patio door option. Each door panel may be folded back into the wall to form a full aperture, as if a wall has been knocked down. This is not just a fascinating design element, but also a practical way to expand usable space and blur the line between indoors and outside. Watch our video to see how easily a foldable patio system can be relocated.

Since the Schüco ASS 70 FD is the finest folding patio door available, Lite Haus UK has begun installing and producing them. We can tailor your selection to your specific needs in terms of size, shape, and color by offering a broad variety of combinations and RAL color options. Even better, if you choose for the addition of a traffic door, your folding patio system may double as a conventional french door.

Glass, Sliding Doors That Open to the Patio

When you think of patio doors, your mind immediately goes to a sliding glass door, which is the pinnacle of patio doors. They demand less room than swinging patio doors and give an uninterrupted view. When compared to other door types, they let in the most light and are the simplest to clean.

Choosing the material for your new patio doors comes after deciding on the design and style. There may seem to be a plethora of options, from fiberglass to steel to wood to vinyl, but making a decision can be simple if you take into account the advantages of each material and your own priorities. What follows is a list of the most often used materials for patio door construction.

External Pocket Doors

You can let even more light and fresh air into your house with the help of an outside pocket sliding door than you would with a folding patio door. As a result of the set up for a pocket sliding patio door, this occurs. Panels in an external pocket system are virtually undetectable since the track and frame are concealed inside the wall construction of your home. This removes any barrier between inside and outdoors and gives stunning panoramic vistas. In order to install a pocket door with numerous door panels, a substantial depth is needed, so you should consider whether or not this is a good fit for your property.

The ASE 67 pocket sliding system establishes a level threshold in addition to delivering the same high-quality insulation, security, and adjustability as our other Schuco products. This ensures that going from indoors to outdoors, say to a garden or patio, is as risk-free and convenient as possible.

Patio Doors That Swing

Doors that swing open (or are hinged) are ideal for use in any outside space, including patios, verandas, and porches. French doors are a common choice for patio doors since they leave the space between them unobstructed when opened. French-style swinging patio doors are an elegant and understated way to draw attention to a stunning garden vista or focal point.

Lift and Slide Doors

Modern sliding doors are also available in a lift and slide action. A raise and slide patio system operates differently than conventional sliding doors because it stands on top of the track rather than within it. Sliding panel is lifted onto rollers and simply moved into desired position when handle is pushed to open lift and slide door (180 degrees). Since modern running gears can effortlessly minimize friction, this process is ideal for large and heavy panels.

The specialist lift and slide construction gives extra protection against the weather, with good drainage and water-tightness. Narrow sight lines, high thermal insulation, and comprehensive security are all maintained when selecting aluminium lift and slide doors from our Schüco collection, making this design a strong competitor for your house.

Do you have a mental picture of your perfect patio door? The next thing to do is get in touch with experts and start making it happen. Call the professionals if you’re ready to have your current patio doors replaced since they are either worn out, inefficient, or broken.

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