A bathroom remodel is not a cheap job to complete. You must have the solid materials, tools, and labor it takes to complete the project. Even with all the costs, you can still cut some corners to produce a successful bathroom job. Here are some of the ways to help you save money on a bathroom remodel.

Save As Much as the Drywall As Possible

When doing a bathroom remodel, you may want to knock down the walls immediately. Inspect closely to see what parts are still in good condition. You should expect to replace drywall in high moisture places like behind your bathtub and shower.

Replace those sections to keep safe from asbestos, mold, or any other harmful substance you would breathe in because of the years of locked-in moisture. If you don’t find mold or discoloring in any sections of your bathroom, you can salvage those spots and save money.

Refinish Things Instead of Replacing Them

Some things like your cabinet and bathtub may need a touch-up. Sometimes caulking can give your bathroom a new finish. If the task is too difficult for you to handle, a professional can do it for a reasonable price.

Not only will you save money, but you get more life out of your bathtub instead of replacing it with a job expensive and time-consuming.

Your cabinet may have general wear and tear, but it’s still functional with no cracks. Varnishing it and painting it with a new color can add some warmth to your bathroom.

A general touch-up may be better to breathe new life in your bathroom. Also, you don’t have to break your pockets to renovate the space.

Ask for Leftover Tiles

Whether you have neighbors who recently renovated their home or you hire some professionals that still have leftovers from their last job, considering asking them for the surplus tiles. One, this saves money on material costs. Two, you’re not waiting weeks to get tiles shipped to your home.

If the tiles are still “like new”, you can still have a beautiful floor to go with all of the other things you’ve refinished in your bathroom.

While it’s costly to do a bathroom remodel, there are some ways to help you save money in the long term. Find clever tricks to help you cut costs while still getting a quality bathroom out of the project.

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