Mosquitoes are more than just annoying. You rarely know they are there until you hear the whine as they fly past your ear. It can be hard to see them and even swatting them is often too late, they’ve already sucked some of your blood.

In fact, the whine is to attract a mate, mosquitoes can adjust the pitch of the whine to help them locate the perfect mate! The bite is to draw blood which is only performed by female mosquitoes. Blood is full of protein and amino acids, making it a great supplement for the eggs they are growing.

The bites themselves are rarely serious although usually very itchy. However, the main issue is that mosquitoes carry disease. These can be transmitted to you when they bite you. The diseases they carry range from mild sickness to ones that can cause death.

That’s why you need the number of your local pest control expert and the top tips for preventing them from invading your home and garden.

Standing Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. This is because the water is safe and helps to provide the right environment for the baby mosquito. You don’t want these in the garden!

Standing water attracts mosquitoes, eliminate the standing water and your garden is less attractive to mosquitoes. Check outdoor faucets, toys, and canoes left in the garden, and anywhere else where water can collect.

Pet water can still be left out but make sure you change it every day. This will prevent it from stagnating and, if any mosquitoes have laid eggs, they’ll never hatch.

The Natural Option

Citronella remains one of the most effective ways to deter mosquitoes, they simply don’t like the smell of it. Use torches and candles near your house entrances and at the perimeter of your garden. It can deter them, reducing the numbers in your garden.


Mosquitoes weigh very little and are not known as strong fliers. This is why you won’t see them even in mild winds. To deter them from seating areas place a fan or two in the area and allow it to move the air, preventing the mosquitoes from flying near you.

Mosquito Traps

Find out more info from your local expert about the traps available. The best ones can keep mosquitoes away from an acre of land! It burns propane and pushes out carbon dioxide. This attracts the mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, when they get near the machine they are sucked into a net and die.

Repelling Plants

Mosquitoes are not keen on horsemint, ageratum, marigolds, and even catnip. These plants all let off an aroma that deters mosquitoes. Include them in your planting designs and you’ll be keeping mosquitoes away naturally.

You should note that keeping your grass short has also been shown to help discourage mosquitoes, it reduces their hiding and breeding places.

It’s best to put these plants in pots as this will allow you to move them around the garden to the most relevant spot. After all, you want to enjoy your time outside not worry about being bitten while you relax.

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