The bathroom is considered a place of functionality. It’s a room where you prepare before your day starts. Admittedly, this room tends to be left out during home renovations since most people consider this as the least stylish room. But aside from it being a strictly utilitarian place, it is also a place of relaxation. Before your day starts, this is probably the space in your home where you get your quiet time. And at the end of a long day, it’s nice to have a relaxing shower or bath. Here are some unique bathroom remodeling ideas that you could incorporate to make your bathroom stylish while being functional:

Play With Textures

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a one-textured room. You could play around with different materials to add some personality to the bathroom. This is great if you like to have plain walls but would like to avoid being boring. You can mix and match different textures, like matching your marble counter with subway tiles. It creates different dimensions that give your bathroom the much-needed personality.

Your Style In Wallpaper

If you do not want to go through a massive renovation, a simple way to revamp your bathroom is to add wallpaper. Choose a wallpaper that goes well with your style. If you want your bathroom to feel tropical and earthy, a palm tree wallpaper design is a great choice. But if that’s not your style, you could go for plain wallpapers with a pleasing color. There are tons of wallpaper designs that you could choose from. So the possibility is endless. Adding wallpaper to your bathroom is a fast way to add accent and design to your bathroom.

Keep It Clean With Neutrals

Not all homes have huge bathrooms. And sometimes adding too much design, decorations, or simply adding color in there could make your bathroom feel smaller than it really is. You could keep your bathroom stylish and straightforward with light neutral colors. These colors are very classy and timeless while making your room feel bigger. Plus, if your style is more on the minimalistic side, this may be an excellent option for you. And if you want to add more depth and personality, you could choose a statement piece like a stylish sink or a cement countertop.

Terrazzo Trend

An emerging trend is the terrazzo design. Incorporating this style in your bathroom is a sure way to make your bathroom unique. A terrazzo has different styles and colors. You could go for something subtle like using terrazzo on your sink counter, or you could go over the top by adding a floor-to-ceiling terrazzo.

Have Fun

Even though there are new designs that you could incorporate in your bathroom, the best way to make sure that your bathroom remodeling project unique is to have fun. Add in your style, and don’t stress too much about it. At the end of the day, that bathroom’s purpose is to be functional while keeping you relaxed. You could incorporate all the styles you want while finding the balance of keeping everything pleasing to your eyes.

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